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Be it summers or winters-- you always require a heat pump. Hence an essential electronic such as this one needs all the attention. With everyday use, you are putting a lot of strain on the heat pump. In the long run, this might result in an adverse impact, affecting the machine's performance. 

At Air Max, we are experts at dealing with heat pump repair and installation, guaranteeing the highest quality of services. Our primary concern is your comfort, and we strive hard to do everything to make sure that our customers are happy. When you choose us, our team will carefully examine your heat pump system and fix any detected issues. 

So don't put up with amateur service providers, as they wouldn't be able to tackle the situation as skillfully as our experienced servicemen would.




With changing seasons, the temperature fluctuates. The best thing about a heat pump is that it offers you warmth during the colder months and cool in summers. Thanks to its versatile air conditioning ability, this is a must for every home. Since you resort to this machine the entire year, it requires regular maintenance and servicing to function without any glitches. Even though they come with a pretty sturdy build, it may become prone to damage with continuous use. 

If it stops working in the middle of the year, that becomes a big hassle. So before any mishap takes place, make a wise decision, and opt-in for scheduled maintenance. With proper professional care, your machine will be healthy, and you will be happier. 



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Your search for a reliable HVAC contractor is over. Call us now if your heat pump is defective or slower than usual. Other services include installations, upgrades, energy audits, and duct sealing. Additionally, we fix ACs, furnaces, UV lights, geothermal units, and ventilators. Combine this with our irresistible rates, and you have no excuse to remain with a damaged heat pump. You can also grab our frequent offers on select services. If you’re short of funds, we can recommend friendly financial institutions to actualize your dream of owning a heating unit.


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