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Temperatures may be high throughout the year, but our city still gets cold. You could use a heater during this time. However, your system might fail when you need it most. As a resident of our operation regions, you can say goodbye to unbearable temperatures thanks to our team’s swift arrival. Our services are also fast to avoid interrupting family time. Even with their speed, our technicians remain thorough. Apart from apparent malfunctions, we go deeper in search of hidden faults.



Heater Replacement and Installation Services Near You

Think of all the things that could go wrong if you overlooked system repairs. First off, your comfort is at stake. The unit may be running, but it won’t heat your home satisfactorily. The discomfort makes it harder to sleep, work out, and entertain guests. When it comes to business, employees cannot reach their full potential when it’s freezing. You could also lose clients who cannot stand the unfavorable temperatures.

Additionally, damaged units are dangerous. Your house can catch fire due to loose wires and overheating. This goes hand in hand with carbon monoxide emissions and dirty air from clogged filters. Asthma patients and those with weak immune systems are especially vulnerable to poor air quality.



Need Your Heater Installed or Fixed? Call Our Nearby Experts!

Regular maintenance stretches your unit’s life and averts costly repairs. To identify issues early, monitor your heater for these signs:

  1. Skyrocketing Bills: The system stretches its limits to meet your needs, raising electricity bills. Contact us for an inspection if your power bills increase suddenly despite normal usage. The rising costs could be a result of dirty filters. While you can change the filter to enhance efficiency, some problems require specialists, for instance, damaged coils.
  2. Strange Noises: Though your unit shouldn’t be extremely quiet, it shouldn’t be noisy either. Unusual grinding, flapping, or squealing could indicate loose components, bent blades, poor lubrication, or broken belts. Bubbling might also translate to refrigerant leaks.
  3. Unusual Smells: Musty smells signal mold formation. Likewise, rotting stinks tell you an animal died in the heater. Not forgetting burning smells that alert you of faulty electrical connections. Switch off the heater as soon as you detect this smell and wait for your HVAC professional. Otherwise, you risk setting your home ablaze.
  4. Cold Spots: The heater is faulty if some rooms are cold even when the system is running. The same is also true if some rooms are too hot. Apart from blocked filters, you might be dealing with damaged belts, ductwork, or motors.
  5. Unit Won’t Turn Off: Your heater could be damaged if it continues to blow hot air after reaching your temperature requirements. However, ensure the setting is “Auto” instead of “On.” “Auto” means the heater will go off upon reaching your desired temperature.

Having an advanced heater unit isn’t enough. You need a reliable contractor to survive the cold season. Contact us with any heating concerns and tap into our wealth of experience. This goes together with our technicians’ training and industry certifications.


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