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The capacity to supply heat and chilled comfort makes heat pumps a must-have household device. That way, your peace of mind is guaranteed all year round. Even so, your unit needs regular inspection if it’s to function smoothly through every season. That’s where our work begins. With our fast services, you don’t have to worry about delayed home operations.
But don’t mistake our speed for inefficiency. Our specialists detect noticeable faults and those that are out of sight. On top of their training, our technicians use their wealth of experience to fix your heat pump. The best part is they keep learning to stay abreast of industry trends. Since our experts are licensed, you’re sure the unit is in safe hands. We also guide you on how to maintain the unit.




Whether temperatures soar or fall, you rely on your heat pump to save the day. But even the most advanced units fail. Unfavorable temperatures stop you from sleeping and exercising. At the office, broken heat pumps kill worker morale and drive away customers. You’re also safer with a well-maintained heat pump. First off, defective systems pollute indoor air when the filter is dirty. Asthma patients also risk flare-ups. Likewise, overheating and losing connections invite fires and explosions.

Apart from repairs, our professionals help you pick a suitable heat pump for your house. Several factors come into play when selecting a heating system. The first one is energy efficiency. The bills should be low without sacrificing air quality. What’s more, consider the system’s size. Our technicians check your home’s square footage before recommending a pump. Aside from higher upfront costs, oversized units produce more energy than you require, increasing power bills. On the other hand, undersized pumps don’t meet your cooling needs.

Another consideration is the thermostat. Standard thermostats are easy to operate, with straightforward Heat/Cool and On/Off settings. Conversely, programmable thermostats adjust temperatures during particular hours to conserve energy. Wi-Fi thermostats have standard and programmable capabilities with the added benefit of off-site operation using a computer or phone. Depending on the make, the Wi-Fi thermostat could also provide consumption analytics.

Instead of buying a heat pump blindly, share your budget and leave the rest to us. Our experts will also show you how to boost the unit’s efficiency, for example, insulating walls and attics and weather-stripping windows.



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So, if you're on a quest to find the best heat pump repair service provider near you, we are right here! At Air Max, our services are all about customer satisfaction to ensure that you have a great experience. Our team of technicians will be at your home or business promptly whenever you schedule an appointment. It could be a new heat pump installation, or maybe you need a repair. We cover everything related to your AC heat pump. 

If you have begun to notice any malfunctioning in your machine, don't let it cause further damage. When you ignore these tiny issues, they accumulate and grow into something larger that might put your safety and comfort at risk. And in case the system is very old, consider choosing a new heat pump for the building. A new heat pump will ensure some savings on your energy bills, and you will also be able to enjoy the comfort and warmth it provides all year long. 

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